Remote Virtual Office Assistant Services LLC (acronym: RVOAS)

Remote – Work from anywhere USA

Virtual – Virtually available via video sharing.

Office – Home office used so your business has no added overhead as hiring an employee. Administrative support solutions provided for any type of professional.

Assistant – Assistance is needed in every business. Noone should expect to do it all alone!

Services – Capable, reliable, dependable, professional, customized for your Business.

Working with clients for more than 6 years, East and West Coast, sub-contracting with Virtual Assistant Teams, as well as serve local area businesses, creating exciting benefits for everyone.

  • Clean up inefficient QuickBooks accounts for more useful cash flow information and reporting.
  • Small business training to improve processes in many areas including:
    • Focused attention to anyone struggling with the latest technology
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resources, including Payroll, hiring, termination, benefit planning
  • Efficiency with:
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
  • Website editing
  • Social Media Marketing management
  • Contact and email management